The Best Gift Ever from Mark 1

December 23, 2016

What was the best gift you ever received? The answer is a no-brainer and yet may surprise you. We'll explore this amazing gift from Mark 1. 


Lasting Value from Matthew 6

December 17, 2016

Everything in this life depreciates, or does it? We'll explore treasures with lasting value from Matthew 6. 


Caught Off Guard from Matthew 24

December 9, 2016

Have you ever been caught off guard by an event in life? A few events in mankind have caught many people off guard and an even bigger event is coming soon. We'll discuss how not to be caught off guard. 


The Unknown from 1 Thessalonians 4

December 2, 2016

Do the unknown details of life make you anxious? How about not knowing God's will for your life? We'll explore the answer to this from 1 Thessalonians 4. 


Inward not Outward from 1 Peter 3

November 18, 2016

My wife joins me in this podcast as we discuss how things that are supposed to remain inward often come outward from 1 Peter 3. 


Reassurance from 1 John 3

November 11, 2016

Have you ever felt the need for reassurance in life or in the Christian walk? It's actually a very important tool and a wonderful gift from God. We'll explore this from 1 John 3. 


Fear part II from Ephesians 5

October 27, 2016

With Halloween around the corner, it has people thinking about and celebrating fear. In this podcast, we will study and celebrate true fear - the fear of God. 


Fear from Luke 12

October 21, 2016

What are you afraid of? What should we be afraid of? Should Christians have fear? The answer may surprise you. We'll explore fear from Luke 12. 


Great Bargains from Matthew 13

October 14, 2016

Have you ever stumbled upon a great bargain? In this episode, we'll explore bargains, including the most incredible bargain of all time from Matthew 13:44. 


Alarm Clocks from Romans 13

October 5, 2016

Let's face it, alarm clocks are annoying. But they're also useful and quite necessary - especially the spiritual kind. We'll explore this from Romans 13.